Main control board system with switch panel made from extruded aluminum and powder coated black

  • Up to 11 switched funtions with 12 relays to meet your needs
  • Simple and compact lightweight design
  • Professionally engineered circuitry
  • Self-diagnosing LED's for fuse and relay outputs
  • Flame, moisture and vibration-resistant materials
  • Flame-retardant epoxy and enclosure UL rating 94V-0
  • switch panel enclosed in extruded aluminum housing

The main board utilizes replaceable or high quality micro relays, which are found at most local automotive supply stores. All main board circuits are fused with ATO style fuses -- again simple and locally available.

The main board is already setup with a trans-brake circuit control relay, which when activated, holds the trans solenoid active as well as automatically disarming the Nitrous modules until needed. Works the same for a clutch car through the pedal switch and activating the 2 step.

The main board weighs just over 2 lbs, and a complete system with a 2-stage Nitrous module is less than 4 lbs.

New: 5 stage, 10 timer ( split ) nitrous controller

Features: Nitrous controller with LCD Display Features:

Our new generation of nitrous controller. Features micro chip technology and programmability without the use of a laptop, Timers are programmed with shaft encoder selector and screen screen prompts, allowing you to change settings on the fly in the staging lanes giving you the convenience of last minute changes.

It can be configured for 2 to 5 stages and from 2 to 10 timers. All controllers can be programmed and updated with software, for example if you purchased a 3 stage controller and decided in the future to have 4 stages simply send us back your controller for a software update to 4 stages with out purchasing a 4 stage controller.

On screen prompts, and status reading for inputs for ease of use and diagnosis

Self diagnosing LED status for fuses and outputs. For example if fuse is blown LED will turn from yellow to red.

Each stage can be set to be timed, instant, or off.

Each stage can be selected to either start over or hold the timers if there is a need to "pedal" the throttle, and you can select how many stages are to start over or hold the timers

You can select any stage to come on at any time , for example if your stage 3 tune up is more aggressive than your first stage and want to take advantage to optimum track conditions you can select stage 3 to come on at the release of clutch or trans brake and time your first stage. Giving you complete flexibility of how and when your nitrous stages are applied.

Each output uses 70 amp relays and slow blow fuses that will not blow due to higher than normal amperage spikes. For split systems 35 amp relays are used per channel.

Built in line purges with fuses and relays.

Built in trans brake or clutch input staging interrupt. The unique feature is, this circuit is all controlled by the micro processor giving you nano second response time once the button is released.

Timers for any stage can be set to start upon a ground input from a shifter selector input allowing the nitrous to be applied after the car has shifted into gear primarily from the 1-2 shift.






8 Circuit Controller:

This light weight 8 circuit controller can be used with any switch panel configuration.

It has external ground trigger inputs to trigger relays, that for example it can be used with any fuel injection system that has ground output control to turn on a fan, or water pump once a set temperature is reached.

You can also use a fuel pump trigger output from your fuel injection system allowing you to bypass the switches on the switch panel to activate any desired relay.

Can be used in 12 or 16 volt vehicles

Relay outputs are labeled for each customer for their application

Also has capable bump start activation for adjusting valves between rounds.

For street cars using factory keyed ignition it has optional ignition input to activate or deactivate controller.

Each circuit is fused and rated up to 30 amps and has self diagnosing LED status indication any fault with in a circuit. Comes with rubber bushings for harsh environments.

This controller also has a built in trans brake/ clutch interrupt feature for staging a nitrous or turbo car to deactivate an arming circuit, no need to wire in an external relay for this, it is all done thru a micro controller for nano second response time once your button is released.



Speedwire Systems Battery Watch Dog

Battery Monitor Module:



Speedwire Systems battery monitor module monitors the battery voltage and in the event that during vehicle storage or prolonged parking periods it will disconnect the power if the threshold reaches below 11.7 volts for 45 seconds.
It will disconnect the battery power through a heavy duty latching relay in the vehicle.
This will allow the user to have enough battery power to start the vehicle, avoiding the need for a tow truck or boost from another vehicle or battery.

Once the disconnect has occurred a by pressing the switch installed in the vehicle it will re-latch the solenoid and will be able to start the vehicle with your ignition key input as normal.
It has LED status for battery power input and on /off latching available for visual inspection and operation.

It has built in safety feature for reverse polarity. The battery monitor will ignore battery voltage disconnect once an ignition input is present in the event that while driving the alternator does not charge and allows the battery voltage below 11.7, it will not disconnect allowing you to continue driving to the nearest service station for repair.

The battery monitor and 500 amp latching relay can operate for 12 and 24 volt systems.

Benefits for this system:

1) Less down time for employees and employers
2) Mobility of vehicle for long storage periods in remote areas
3) Prolonged battery life
4) Reduces maintenance calls for dead batteries, or boost service calls
5) Can be used on fleet vehicles, transit, or construction equipment



Please note : Now Obsolete this 4 stage nitrous controller with LCD Display is superseded with our multi stage units up to 5 stages, 10 timer ( split ) nitrous controllers:

Newest Main controller with optioned Aerospace F1 Connector:
Main control board system with aerospace F1 connector, and now utilizing a larger amperage output as well as having provisions to help with reverse polarity protection.

Speedwire's newest optional connector:

Aerospace F1 connector
note: optional only on the 12 relay controller


-Speedwire's 6 relay board and controller

This board is similar to our other larger main board though only has 6 outputs and also has an optional ignition interrupt and additional safety features. As well as our typical diagnosing features for fuses, inputs, outputs.


-This is Speedwire's 6 bay panel for Alcohol Promodified car hat will work in conjunction with our 6 relay controller

We can also manufacture relay controllers for Promodified cars that will work together with nitrous, to be triggered with full throttle and can be applied to activate on any gear, please call us for more information to help in design of a system that is right for you.








Wire kits.

Relay Controller
Available individual or in 4 bay packs
Heavy-duty 50 amp aux module in stock
Heavy-duty 70 amp aux module available upon request
These modules can be used as stand alone units or to be worked together with main board


Main board typical layout:

Circuit Board Info:

  • Shown are the circuit boards in their raw state before and during the manufacturing process.
  • All boards are professionally engineered to meet and exceed extreme heat, vibration, and dust conditions, especially found in race applications in southern or desert regions.
  • All boards are placed through vigorous functional and chamber testing.

Billet roll bar brackets:
  • Billet roll cage mount
  • Used to mount switch panel or others